2008 is sick!!

January 7, 2008

well new year is here and there is no better way than to start it off with a cold and sore throat. It probably all began when I was partying with my friends on New Year’s eve. Being sick isn’t the best feeling in the world, you can’t think straight, can’t breath right, can’t talk normally, its very tiring and energy consuming. Here’s the good news, the bad part of 2008 has happened so there’s nothing left but good things ahead…….right??


5 Responses to “2008 is sick!!”

  1. luckyme429 said

    You need to get more sleep, that’s what you need. haha

  2. webdiva said

    i certainly hope so

  3. bbluni said

    Wow, being sick sucks. Hope you feel better 🙂 Make sure you take care of it. I remember I got sick from last NYE and didn’t take care of it..and it turned into asthma. 😦

  4. headSPace said

    i’ve been sick for more than a week! ugghh

  5. pchiumeow said

    poor Fred~!
    thinks will work out for you !!
    drink more water and you will feel better!!!
    good Luck on your Thrusday AHIS presentation, and don’t work too hard for it !!:D

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