Vinyl Location??

February 9, 2008

so our third project is urban intervention where we have to pick a place to install a vinyl piece that relates to the location.  This is commonly hard for me because I am really bad at starting off just like that and finding a location.  so I was walking around Granville Island seeing what places will inspire me to pick the location and do a piece on it.  Then i saw the water park, all deserted because of the snow and weather, so I was thinking I could use this place once filled with people now deserted and no one really wants to go there. 

my original locations:
The Slide
The Tube

Then I was stumped on doing what kind of graphic for these locations.  So I was looking through magazines and I came across Art Projects magazine and I was just browsing through the graffiti section and there was a picture of a toilet.  That sparked me and gave me the inspiration for this…
The Toilet

….kind of gross, but hey its a location! =)


One Response to “Vinyl Location??”

  1. bbluni said

    Haha, I felt like SUCH a rebel going to the men’s washroom. I seriously don’t think I’ve been in one before. At least not that I remember.

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