vinyl mockup

February 10, 2008

in continuation of my vinyl location, I decided to use the acronym “gtg” as a tag. “gtg” which stands for “got to go” is commonly used in “web language” such as msn, aol, and other sorts of online messenger.  Going back to the image of the toilet, I went to the washrooms in ECIAD and notice there is grafitti pretty much on the doors and walls.  This is also true in many public washrooms.  I was thinking, how come these “taggers” write things only they understand and makes no sense to the rest of the public and only to a small amount of individuals.  Therefore I thought of the “tags” we use nowadays and came up with “gtg” which widens the amount of people understanding this “tag”.  I made it also in a grafitti style font so it stills has the concept of grafitti incorporated into it. Here is the mockup of the toilet….

The tag (gtg)
Vinyl Location Mockup


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