Critical Review

April 7, 2008

“Railings” Critical Review

                I will be reviewing the “Railings” in Paris and London, 1997.  “Railings” is basically a set of railings that would make a pleasurable “click-clack-clack” sound when a stick is ran along the railings.  In “Railings” the bars are tuned so when one runs a stick along the bars it would play the tune of “the Girl from Ipanema.”

                This is very smart idea because it uses an urban intervention that we see as a normal everyday thing serving only one purpose, but it is turned into something new and a new purpose to it.   By making it into an instrument, one can say those are not just railings but it’s a toy and it’s suppose to be used to interact with the public.  This kind of use of the intervention also brings up the idea of sustainability.  The reason for this is because the artist uses something we do not really see as an aesthetic; however the artist has this non-aesthetic object making it useful even if there is no need for the railings to be there anymore.  The railings can still be there used as a new urban installation or intervention and can be used as a tourist attraction; therefore, there will not be a need to throw these railings away. 

                It is a very brilliant intervention for the community and public.  I do not believe this is an “installation” because the railings were already there so they were already “installed” into the community.  However, the original installation was modified and used as something fun.  The only thing I wonder if it will go wrong is if the railings eventually get rusted, I’m not sure if that will keep the same sound it produces when a stick is ran along it. 





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