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Save the Environment!


Critical Review

April 7, 2008

“Railings” Critical Review

                I will be reviewing the “Railings” in Paris and London, 1997.  “Railings” is basically a set of railings that would make a pleasurable “click-clack-clack” sound when a stick is ran along the railings.  In “Railings” the bars are tuned so when one runs a stick along the bars it would play the tune of “the Girl from Ipanema.”

                This is very smart idea because it uses an urban intervention that we see as a normal everyday thing serving only one purpose, but it is turned into something new and a new purpose to it.   By making it into an instrument, one can say those are not just railings but it’s a toy and it’s suppose to be used to interact with the public.  This kind of use of the intervention also brings up the idea of sustainability.  The reason for this is because the artist uses something we do not really see as an aesthetic; however the artist has this non-aesthetic object making it useful even if there is no need for the railings to be there anymore.  The railings can still be there used as a new urban installation or intervention and can be used as a tourist attraction; therefore, there will not be a need to throw these railings away. 

                It is a very brilliant intervention for the community and public.  I do not believe this is an “installation” because the railings were already there so they were already “installed” into the community.  However, the original installation was modified and used as something fun.  The only thing I wonder if it will go wrong is if the railings eventually get rusted, I’m not sure if that will keep the same sound it produces when a stick is ran along it. 




How was your reading break? The answer everyone will pretty much give would be “homework…projects…” I guess that’s what reading break is about; catching up on homework and schoolwork.  But we need an actual break! A week where homework and schoolwork is not an issue! But I guess overall it was nice to have a break. I personally took this break as an opportunity to celebrate my birthday  with my friends. I went partying a bit on the weekends, worked on some schoolwork on the weekdays, and went skiing on selected days. Now its back to school and the continuation of work and projects…and social life.


March 2, 2008

So here are some of the documentation of the tag I did for my urban intervention project.  Tagging with meaning in washrooms!


vinyl mockup

February 10, 2008

in continuation of my vinyl location, I decided to use the acronym “gtg” as a tag. “gtg” which stands for “got to go” is commonly used in “web language” such as msn, aol, and other sorts of online messenger.  Going back to the image of the toilet, I went to the washrooms in ECIAD and notice there is grafitti pretty much on the doors and walls.  This is also true in many public washrooms.  I was thinking, how come these “taggers” write things only they understand and makes no sense to the rest of the public and only to a small amount of individuals.  Therefore I thought of the “tags” we use nowadays and came up with “gtg” which widens the amount of people understanding this “tag”.  I made it also in a grafitti style font so it stills has the concept of grafitti incorporated into it. Here is the mockup of the toilet….

The tag (gtg)
Vinyl Location Mockup

Vinyl Location??

February 9, 2008

so our third project is urban intervention where we have to pick a place to install a vinyl piece that relates to the location.  This is commonly hard for me because I am really bad at starting off just like that and finding a location.  so I was walking around Granville Island seeing what places will inspire me to pick the location and do a piece on it.  Then i saw the water park, all deserted because of the snow and weather, so I was thinking I could use this place once filled with people now deserted and no one really wants to go there. 

my original locations:
The Slide
The Tube

Then I was stumped on doing what kind of graphic for these locations.  So I was looking through magazines and I came across Art Projects magazine and I was just browsing through the graffiti section and there was a picture of a toilet.  That sparked me and gave me the inspiration for this…
The Toilet

….kind of gross, but hey its a location! =)


January 24, 2008

So I watched the movie “Juno” the other day and it was a really good movie. The storyline, acting, screenplay, everything was done out pretty well. But this post isn’t going to be directly about the movie, instead its going to be about my highschool. When I was watching the movie, I noticed that the school they used in the movie was my highschool!! It was weeeeird! I would be saying, “hey that’s my school! That’s the main office! That’s where my locker was!” I was pretty surprised at the fact that it was filmed at my highschool that I didn’t really pay close attention to the movie itself. Even right now at this moment I’m still…..wow….

ski trip = panorama project

January 14, 2008

My friends and I went up to Big White mountain this past weekend to do some skiing and partying. The overall experience was very fun and exciting. Many things happened from wiping out, falling off chair lift, meeting new friends, and rowdy nights. Doing this is a must for next year if not the near future. I was quite happy I got assigned a panorama project before going on the skitrip because I knew there would be beautiful sights up in the mountains with snow covered trees and a ski resort. I was excited to take panoramic pictures while I was skiing or just walking around the resort. I took quite a few but I enjoyed this one the most because it gives a sense of everything on the mountain from parts of the resort, mountains, and even a chair lift. Enjoy this panoramic view!

Big White Experience

2008 is sick!!

January 7, 2008

well new year is here and there is no better way than to start it off with a cold and sore throat. It probably all began when I was partying with my friends on New Year’s eve. Being sick isn’t the best feeling in the world, you can’t think straight, can’t breath right, can’t talk normally, its very tiring and energy consuming. Here’s the good news, the bad part of 2008 has happened so there’s nothing left but good things ahead…….right??